Some new Mother’s Day Shakies cards I did for James Ellis.

You can buy them here. Also available from John Lewis and other good retailers.


I have a range of cards I did with Cardmix called Tiger Tail. This was the first range I developed when I started freelancing. Am proud to say it’s still going strong nearly 4 years later. Here’s some new cards which are out for this Mother’s Day.


I can’t believe Mother’s Day is in a few weeks. January felt like it had 100 days but now the year feels like it’s zipping by! Here’s a couple of Mother’s Day cards I did for Cardmix.


Recently I’ve tried my hand at some of the designer challenges on Spoonflower. So far I’ve entered 3 challenges and am happy to say I’ve come in the top voted for entries each time!

I studied illustration and have worked as an illustrator for many years. Surface pattern is only something I’ve recently delved into and I absolutely love it! It’s definitely something I’m going to spend more time doing.

Below are my entries. As you can see I am enjoying working with dark grounds at the moment!

These are all available to buy as wallpaper, fabric and gift wrap over on Spoonflower.

Valentine's Day

Wow I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us! I must admit it’s not really an event that I love. I am not a romantic in that way and find it all a bit cheesy and embarrassing which I really shouldn’t say being a greetings card illustrator! When I worked in London I did used to love seeing the amount of women walking around with big bunches of roses which had obviously been delivered to their place of work. Always made me smile but I would have died if it had been me!

Here’s some Valentine’s cards I did for James Ellis. Not quite sure where they’re available to but but they’re out there somewhere!

New Height Chart

Today I am sat at my desk wishing I had gone to the Spring Fair at the NEC. I almost went and decided my time would be better spent at my desk drawing. Instead I am sat here cursing at my printer which is refusing to play nicely and my daughter is off school feeling sick! Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

On the plus side - I recently did this height chart for James Ellis and was delighted to see it up his website already! It’s making it’s debut at the show and fingers crossed it will be finding it’s way to shops very soon.

New Children's Books

Delighted to announce that I have two children’s books being launched in May. They are both about London and were great fun to work on. I now feel like I’ve drawn every bit of London - from the grand hall at the Natural History Museum to Shakespear’s Globe theatre! It was certainly a lot of work! I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Available to preorder from Amazon.

Top Drawer SS19

Last week was the Spring Summer Fair for Top Drawer. It was exciting to see my children’s age cards making their debut with James Ellis! I have done a lot of cards in this pattern style now and it was lovely to see them all together. They will be available to buy in various shops soon. You can also buy them directly from his Etsy shop -

Happy New Year...

Happy New Year everyone! Today is my first proper day at my desk since before Christmas. It feels lovely to have the house to myself and not have the incessant chattering of my little girl. She doesn’t even pause for breath! First day back at school today and she wasn’t impressed crying all the way there. It breaks my heart when we have mornings like that but I’ve everything crossed she’ll come out laughing and be back to herself.

On the run up to Christmas I did an illustrated advent calendar on my Insta and Facebook pages. The theme was Christmas around the world with each day focusing on a different country. I loved doing it and am keen to carry on as there are so many countries and not enough days. It was wonderful to draw things I wouldn’t usually draw and I learnt a lot about the world too. Below are some of the highlights…

Selfridges Christmas Department

Yesterday I had a fabulous day in London visiting Selfridges Christmas department. The range of eclectic decorations was so inspirational to look at. I don’t know what was more exciting - spotting some of my Christmas cards I did for James Ellis or the set of 3 animated, singing penguins available to buy for £28k!

The British Museum

Earlier this year I was honoured to be asked by The British Museum to illustrate their Christmas card. Here’s the final result. Available to buy now in the British Museum shop.

Top Drawer and cloudy days

It has been a busy Summer which has mostly kept me at my desk working hard. I’ve missed most of the glorious hot sunny days because I’ve had a huge project on which I just had to get done. I am not complaining - I would rather this than no work. It’s just been hard and at times left me questioning what I’m doing after working every day, evening and weekend for what felt like forever. The sun shining makes it harder as I just want to down tools and ‘play’ outside! Today is cloudy, today is a great day - a typical grey British day! I love it! I am at my happiest when it’s this sort of weather as I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything outside! Love being at my desk and drawing pretty pictures on days like today!

After being a hermit for so many months, yesterday I escaped and visited Top Drawer. I had a fantastic, inspiring and invigorating day! So good to step away from my desk and venture out. I met up with friends and clients old and new, listened to inspirational and informative talks and loved looking at all the new products coming into the market place. The highlight of the day was meeting James Ellis and seeing my new cards on his stand. Very excited to say they’ll be coming to shops very soon!

New Business Cards

Excited to receive my new business cards printed on beautiful paper made from recycled t-shirts.


We visited Harrods yesterday and were quite excited to see a stand with my name on and cards from my 'Out & About' range with Cardmix.

New Card Range

I recently had he pleasure of designing this new card range for James Ellis Stevens. They are coming to shops very soon!

Things That Go

Wow it's been nearly a year since this was published by the lovely people at Silver Dolphin. Recently I received a lovely email from a mum who has read this book to her 2 boys numerous times as they love it so much. Things like this really put a smile on my face.


Save the Bees

On Sunday 22 April it was Earth Day. My daughter's school celebrated by holding a special event for families to raise awareness about environmental issues and have fun. I did these two prints as a special commission.

Happy Anniversary

Recently it was my wedding anniversary. I've been married to my husband for just 3 years but we've been together for 11 (I think!) I was delighted to receive this card from my sister. It's one I illustrated for Cardmix.